Indie Author Weekly Update December 30, 2016

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This is the last Indie Author Updates for 2016. It’s a weird thought, isn’t it? Yet, I’m happy to see 2016 end and am particularly looking forward to 2017. I plan to return to my novel and am planning a very different type of social media book for authors. So, thus far I have two books planned. What about you?  I’d love to hear from you about your plans.

Indie Author Updates

How to Record Your Own Audiobook and Sell Direct to Customers  from Joanna Penn: “I love and I am all in with my fiction there, but I’m also a podcaster and after years of doing my own interviews and audio, I decided to read my own non-fiction audiobook, and sell it direct! Here’s how.”

Huge List of Social Media Help and Reference Links from Andrea Vahl:  ‏”Over the years, I’ve gathered a lot of reference links for each social site that I use all the time to get the latest news, contact the social sites, get help, and more.  Here are some of the most helpful links I have all in one place.  I would definitely recommend bookmarking this!”

Want to make a living with your writing? Try these 9 important tasks today! via Icy Sedgwick: “It’s only natural to want to make a living with your writing. But it’s also incredibly difficult! After all, you’ll be competing with thousands of other authors. And with readers trained to expect books for free, you might think it’s an uphill struggle. But writers like JF Penn prove that it is possible. I went to her workshop with Orna Ross on Saturday to discover ways to make a living with your writing. Here are my 9 takeaways!”

Book Promotion: Do This, Not That – December 2016 by Amy Collins and via Joel Friedlander: “Okay guys… I have a confession to make. I am having a BLAST finding authors/publishers and getting them to “fess-up” on the mistakes they have made. This month’s edition of DO THIS NOT THAT is no exception. Jennifer Reich of Momosa Publishing was gracious enough to let me expose her past “whoops” to all of y’all. I hope you find this as helpful as I did!”

Forget Innovation … Think Perseverance by Chris Syme: “Listen. Improve. Repeat. How often do you hear that formula when it comes to marketing your books? Instead, everyday we are bombarded with some new cutting edge formula for selling millions of books on Amazon.  Granted, innovation pushes the needle ahead for us all, but innovation is not a smart go-to marketing strategy for most of us mortals. Forget innovation and think perseverance.”

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