Indie Author Weekly Update December 16, 2016

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Indie Author Weekly Updates

Welcome to another edition of the Indie Author Weekly Update. There were so many brilliant posts on the internet this week that I hope I’ve captured the finest among them. Or at least I’ve gathered those that will most serve you in your writing career.

I chose the above picture today because lately it seems to either rain or be foggy. I can’t complain though. The drought has been, well, awful and I welcome any form of moisture that comes from the sky. Besides, I grew up in Monterey, which has the same weather patterns as San Francisco, so I rather like the fog. I hope you’re enjoying the weather and the season wherever you are.

Indie Author Updates

Today’s Indie Authors Are Media Owners from Joel Friedlander: “Have you ever thought about the fact that you’re a media owner? It’s a weird thought, isn’t it? Yet, it’s probably true. Yeah, probably. Why the modifier? Well, not every author has a self-hosted blog and website. But if you have both, guess what? You’re definitely a media owner.”

Twitter Analytics for Best of 2016 Tweets by Elizabeth S. Craig: “If you’re like me, you’re in the middle of a very busy time of year.  I’m trying to wrap up a project (definitely not releasing it in December…January is better, sales-wise) in the midst of shopping, decorating, and driving my daughter to her own events. Besides all that, I’m still trying to keep up my online presence. One of the ways I make this easier around the holidays is to schedule my ‘top tweets of 2016’. The past couple of years I’ve used a very convoluted method of discovering and then scheduling these ‘best of’ tweets.  But with Twitter analytics, I’ve found a better way.”

The Most Important 15 Seconds in the Life of Your Book by Joan Stewart and from Joel Friedlander: “Fifteen precious seconds. It isn’t much time. But it’s all you get if you want to convince a bookstore to buy your book, prove to a journalist that you’re worth interviewing, or persuade John Grisham to write a blurb for the cover of your mystery novel.”

Merchandising For Authors from Joanna Penn with Melissa Addey: “Many indie authors have got to grips with producing ebooks, print-on-demand and audio, but we’re only just starting to look into merchandise. In today’s show, Melissa Addey will give you some ideas.”

The Growth of Audiobooks from Digital Pubbing and by Sabrina Ricci: According to QZ, audiobooks are growing more than ebooks. MarketWatch wrote that some audiobooks are selling more copies than their print counterparts, and according to The Digital Reader, “audio can outsell print when audio is treated as its original format and not produced as an after thought.”

Why You Only Need to Sell Your Books on One Social Media Channel from Digital Book World by Chris Syme: “There are hundreds of social media networking sites on the Internet. Of those, there are 10 or so that most people can identify. According to data from Smart Insight, there are around 2.3 billion people on social media worldwide.”

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