Indie Author Weekly Update – August 3, 2018

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Indie Author Weekly Update - August 3, 2018

The theme of this week’s Indie Author update is book marketing. Whether you’re planning for your holiday sales or struggling with marketing your book after your formal launch, this week’s posts offer great tidbits of advice.

How to Keep Your Book Promotion Going Strong for Years: Interview with Anjali Mitter Duva from Writer Unboxed: “In the publication world, there’s a tremendous amount of focus on the publication date as THE time for publicity and promotion. I’ve seen authors throw up their hands the week after publication, when media interest is just starting to trickle in, and say, ‘I guess we struck out.'”

5 Ways to Sell More Books for the Holidays from Jane Friedman and by Penny Sansevieri:”I used to laugh at the ‘Christmas-in-July’ ads until I promoted my first holiday-related book. We actually started the promotion in July, and July turned out to be the perfect time. Why? Maybe no one buys or thinks about December in July, but the holiday buying season is tough. To make any kind of headway, you must start early. When those ‘Christmas-in-July’ ads start to hit radio and TV, social media, and your inbox, consumers— those who like to shop early—start gathering ideas for their shopping lists.”

Is Your Book Good-Looking Enough For The Internet? by Tara Sparling: “I like to title posts with questions. Questions can often be funny, although that’s not why I do it. The reason I do it is because there is always a 23.485% chance that upon seeing the question floating across a Twitter or Facebook feed, someone will click on it, because the question registers in their brain enough for them to think ‘Hmmm. Why DO we always pack 4 times the number of underpants we will need for any given trip?'”

Indie Authors: Launching a Book via by Sabrina Ricci: “At first, launching a book may seem daunting. But it helps to plan the launch in increments, and also, know that ebooks have an indefinite shelf life, so that even though it’s nice to have a strong start, there’s always time to build up buzz and excitement around a book.”

5 ways to promote your book long after the launch by Sandra Beckwith: “’When should I stop promoting my book?’ Authors ask me this question all the time. My answer? When it’s no longer available for purchase. Continue to promote your book long after the book launch. If people can still buy it and the content is still relevant, promote it. I’m surprised at how many authors don’t do this, though. When I ask why not, most say they didn’t know they could. In fact, most authors I’ve talked to think that you can only promote a book when it’s first introduced.”

11 Reasons Your Book Isn’t Selling – And What to Do About It by William Parker: “After countless hours of writing, proofreading, and self-editing, your book is finally ready for publication. However, after you launch, sales are sluggish or nonexistent. Weeks and months go by, but your baby just isn’t selling. What went wrong? How do you determine the issue, or issues, and fix them? In today’s post, I want to address 11 reasons your book isn’t selling, and offer suggestions to get you back on track, and making money with your book.”

News About Self-Publishing

Amazon has made self-publishing lucrative and that may have negative repercussions for the bookselling industry. From The Atlantic and by Alana Semuels: “For most of Prime Day, Amazon’s annual sales bonanza, an unfamiliar face topped the site’s Author Rank page: Mike Omer, a 39-year-old Israeli computer engineer and self-published author whose profile picture is a candid shot of a young, blond man in sunglasses sitting on grass. He was—and at the time of this writing, still is—ranked above J.K. Rowling (No.8), James Patterson (No. 9), and Stephen King (No. 10) in sales of all his books on His most recent book is ranked tenth on Amazon Charts, which Amazon launched after The New York Times stopped issuing e-book rankings, and which measures sales of individual books on Amazon. (The company does not disclose the metrics behind Author Rank, which is still in beta.)”

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Indie Author Weekly Update

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