Indie Author Weekly Update – August 2, 2019

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Indie Author Weekly Update 8-2-19

This week’s Indie Author Update has so much super information to help you succeed as an indie author. Be sure to check out master blogger Anne R. Allen’s advice on author blogs. She has a stellar blog herself. David Penny also has some advice that makes so much sense for the indie author. Well, just read all of them if you can.

Elevator Pitches

Razzle-Dazzle: The Art and Craft of the Elevator Pitch by Ruth Harris: “What works on Broadway in the hit musical, Chicago, also works for selling a book because you do want a reaction that will be passionate.”

Indie Author Book Promotion

Put Readers First – an Essential Ingredient of Successful Book Marketing – from Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center and by David Penny: “When I started self-publishing historical novels in 2014, I connected on social media with a frenzy as I attempted to persuade people to buy my books. Oh, I was a good social member and didn’t spam my titles, but I had made a big mistake with who I was connecting to.”

5 Best Book Promotion Strategies for Romance Authors by Penny Sansevieri: “Romance writing is such a unique market. We know it’s busy and popular, but your readers are also veracious. They read a lot, and they love discovering new authors. Romance authors have been given a wonderful opportunity to really speak to readers on a very personal level, and every element of their book promotion must reflect this. Every time they purchase one of your titles, they’re inviting you into their lives and admitting their (sometimes very secret) fantasies and desires!”

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising Insights with Black Books – Podcast by Joanna Penn and with Russell Blake: “Surf the changes and get to grips with Amazon Ads — or outsource them if you’re ready to. Some hard talking — and encouragement — with Russell Blake today, as well as tips from Michael Beverly.”

Author Blogs

Blogging Is a Potent Tool for Author Platform Building – from BookWorks and by Anne R. Allen: “If you tell your non-writing friends you’re thinking of starting a blog, somebody is sure to tell you that blogging is “totally over.” Just give them an indulgent smile. People have been declaring blogging dead pretty much since it started. Google “blogging is dead” and you’ll see thousands of entries. But it turns out the blog is a pretty resilient medium.”

Quote of the WeekQuote: the best writing advice is also the best life advice_ remember that nobody else has any idea what they’re doing, either.



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