Indie Author Weekly Update – April 7, 2017

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Welcome to another edition of the Indie Author Weekly Update. Below you’ll find an array of posts from social media to fake news in publishing to Amazon keywords. I hope you enjoy them.

I chose a poppy for the above image today because they are blooming all over Northern California where I live. They represent a touch of spring that’s here. I hope you’re enjoying the flowers in your world as well as your writing.

Indie Author Updates

Growing Your Presence on Social Media from Digital Pubbing: “Social media is great. You can connect with people easily, you can learn new things, and you can share awesome content. It’s also a lot of hard work, because you want to make sure you are posting high quality content that resonates with people, and it takes some effort to measure and tweak your strategy.”

How to use price promotion to sell more books: everything you need to know from Write Word: “Once you’ve written a book and published it as an eBook, how do you find readers? That is one of the key questions all authors ask. You’ve put all of this work into a story: Now what? There are a variety of tactics available to authors to help you spread the word about your book, from social media to paid advertising. The most common, and typically most effective, tactic is a price promotion.”

Fake News! In Self-Publishing from Joel Friedlander: “The world has been changed by “fake news” over the past couple of years. This odd concept came to us from the battlefield of politics, and now it seems that we all have to start learning how to tell the “fake” news from the real thing, the news you can trust. That’s a big burden to put on the individual, and many will probably just tune out. But the idea of “fake” news can reveal some truths and falsehoods in self-publishing, too. In fact, it’s undeniable that there’s plenty of “fake” news out there, and although it may not be coming from teenagers in Macedonia, the sooner we learn to spot it, the better off we’ll be. Here are some examples I’ve come across recently. I bet you’ve got plenty of examples of your own.”

Why Most Book Trailers Are Awful & How Yours Can Be Different from Jeff Goins: “Today, the trailer for my new book just came out. I’d love your thoughts on it. But before we do that, here’s a question we all should consider: Do book trailers matter?  The short answer is no. Not really. No one ever bought a book because they saw a 60-second video on YouTube. I’m fairly confident in that. So does that mean you shouldn’t do a book trailer?”

Amazon Keywords: The Secret to Doubling Your Sales and Pulling in New Readers! from Writers in the Storm/Jenny Hansen: “As marketers, it’s a big part of our job to get more readers, but as you probably have discovered, that’s often a challenge. With so many books and so many titles competing for the same attention, setting yours apart from the pack can be hard.”

How to Use Facebook Stories for Marketing from Social Media Examiner: “Is video part of your marketing strategy? Are you wondering how Facebook’s short-form video format could help your business? Facebook Stories brings a new video format to Facebook that closely resembles Instagram Stories. In this article, you’ll discover what you need to know to succeed with Facebook Stories.”

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