Indie Author Weekly Update

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Indie Author Weekly Update

The Indie Author Update this week includes posts from bloggers I haven’t previously included, namely Marketing Drive, Rachel Thompson, and Anne Hill. I hope you enjoy all the posts I’ve selected for you from across the book industry’s blogosphere.

On another note, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Hanukkah. However you celebrate this time of year, may your gatherings be joyful and the new year bring you all that you desire in your writing career.

Indie Author Updates

Twitter finally debuts live video for users Weekender from Marketing Dive: Live video has taken the digital landscape by storm in 2016, as key trends such as growing demand for digital content, real-time experiences and authenticity converge to enable anyone to broadcast an immersive moment. Successful live videos have the potential to go viral, like Candace Payne’s Chewbacca Mask broadcast did on Facebook Live, a video that has been viewed more than 162 million times.

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This is How Writers Can Walk the Tightrope of Work and Life with from Rachel Thompson of Bad Redhead Media: “We’ve all heard about the need for a work/life balance. This isn’t a new concept. The proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” first appeared in James Howell’s book of proverbs and was later popularized in such movies as The Bridge on the River Kwai and The Shining. Perhaps the need for walking the tightrope has never been more in the forefront of our minds than for modern writers. How writers can find balance in their lives is a necessary and important quality when juggling marketing with creating.”

5 Under-the-Radar Social Media Studies to Make You A Smarter Marketer from Buffer: “Social media studies have given us great ideas to improve our social media marketing, helped us understand the psychology behind social media behaviors, and made us better marketers. To help you better understand the ever-changing social media landscape, we jumped into the latest social media research papers, hoping to discover someunder-the-radar insights to help supercharge your social media marketing strategy as we head into 2017.”

1 Top Tip for Author Facebook Pages  from the Indie Authors Alliance: “Since Facebook reduced the reach of status updates on Facebook fan pages, many people have been wondering whether it’s worth maintaining them. Until recently, I was also in that camp. But then by chance I discovered a surprising simple technique that increased the typical reach of my Facebook fan page posts to as much as 100% – and even more – without costing me a penny. I hope it will work for you too.”

Guest Blogging for Authors:  How NOT to Query a Blogger…and 10 Tips for Doing it Right by Anne R. Allen: “But the gurus don’t often tell you how to land guest spots. Or how to find the best ones to reach your readers. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a handbook telling potential guests exactly how to annoy bloggers and get rejected as fast as possible. I get dozens of queries every day from wannabe guests (and authors who want reviews and interviews) who have never visited the blog. But they almost always include a live link to it.”

Metadata Insights for Authors and Small Publishers with Thad McIlroy by Anne Hill: “Too often, authors learn about metadata the hard way: preparing to upload your newly-finished book, you find that Amazon requires things like BISAC subject headings and book descriptions of different lengths. Filling in these fields as an afterthought may doom your book to obscurity, because the key to making any book easily discoverable on the web is to give it the best metadata possible.”

Spend Less Time Marketing by Setting Up Social Media Outpost Channels from Digital Book World: “If you’re an author who is struggling by trying to be all things to all people on every social media channel, then I’ve got some good news: you really only need to be engaging on one social media site to set up an effective marketing presence.”

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