Indie Author Weekly Roundup October 7, 2016

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Indie Author Updates by Frances CaballoWelcome to the Indie Author Weekly Roundup. This week you’ll find posts on how best to market your books plus other great resources. Don’t miss Joel Friedlander’s interview of Dana Kaye and the list of twelve resources that authors need to be aware of. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

Free Book Promotions: Are They Worth It? by Frances Caballo and from Joel Friedlander of “The continuing controversy among self-published authors is whether you should sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing’s Kindle Select Program and use the free promotion feature. The secondary questions are:

  • Is it worth it to be exclusive?
  • Are the free promotion days that tend to entice some authors – and readers – worth it?

There seem to be almost as many opinions on these controversies as there are, well, books. So what’s my take?”

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Marketing Books From the Customer’s Perspective from Book Business: “What is the process you follow when you go to a store to buy something? You probably go to the most convenient place (bricks or clicks) and peruse the assortment available. You may search for a particular brand if you are aware of it. If not, you look at the prices to compare the value of the items to your needs. Then depending on the strength of your need compared to the available choices you decide to buy or wait.”

Publicity for Authors: My Interview with Dana Kaye from Joel Friedlander: “Dana is known for her innovative ideas and knowledge of current trends. She frequently speaks on the topics of social media, branding, and publishing trends. Since she just released her first book after spending years promoting other people’s books, I took this opportunity to spend some time with her to talk about publicity, branding, and marketing for indie authors.”

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Are You a Push Marketer or a Pull Marketer? by Chris Syme and from Jane Friedman’s blog: “The era of push marketing began with the advent of TV commercials. Brands had a message they wanted to get across and they put together ads informing consumers about the benefits of their products. Their products were at the center of their messages, not the consumers’ needs. They were the sources of information and we trusted them. They created an inflated need for their product and we bought in. Basically, selling was based on hype.”
Your Guide to Picture-Perfect Instagram Book Marketing by Penny Sansevieri and from BookWorks: “First, Instagram is easy to use. That’s a plus in anyone’s book! Also, since it’s not as ad-driven as Facebook (at least so far), it’s more budget-friendly if your marketing budget is limited and you prefer to allocate those funds elsewhere. It’s much easier to capture someone’s attention on Instagram than on Facebook because it’s so visual. In fact, it drives 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more than Twitter. If you like statistics, you should really like these numbers!”

12 Self-Publishing Services Authors Should Beware  from Alliance of Independent Authors: “The following twelve services are commonly used to pad self-publishing packages, either as an add-on service or a bundled feature with questionable value to the author. Please note that these services are not inherently bad. However, they deserve extra scrutiny when their price tag is concealed among other bundled services.”

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