Hugh Howey’s Rallying Call, Researching Book Titles and the Search for Blog Topics

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5-23-14 Frances Caballo


This week’s compilation of blog posts has a slightly different focus. In the past, my Roundup consisted primarily of blogs about how writers could better use social media to promote their books. This week, I ventured into new territory and included an article about books that every writer should read, a post by Hugh Howey on the future of author entrepreneurship, and a wonderful post written by Nina Amir on Jane Friedman’s blog. If you live in United States, I hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend (that explains the flags).

25 Books Every Writer Should Read from FlavorWire: You can’t read everything, but once you’ve moved past all of the totally obvious titles, considering adding these 25 titles to your TBR pile. They’re excellent examples of so many different ways that novels, short stories, poems, essays, and creative nonfiction can be done. For writers, this list could serve as something of a syllabus; for those who just want something new to read, it offers a chance to step out of your comfort zone and try a few new ideas and formats on for size.

How to Find Trending Blog Topics Your Audience Will Actually Care About from SocialTimes: Do any of the following apply to you? You thought your audience would be excited by your latest blog post, and yet it only gets a handful of likes and shares.You choose your blog topics based on what you think your readers want, and yet only a few of them even click through to read it. You sometimes feel like giving up because you can’t afford to keep writing blog posts that no one reads.

Being Forced to Sit in the Backlist from Hugh Howey: Imagine selling two million books, having half a dozen of your novels hit the New York Times bestseller list, being inundated with thousands of fan emails every month, and then having someone call you an “aspiring writer.”

How to Write a Competitive Book Analysis from Jane Friedman: If you’re embarking on a nonfiction book project, your analysis of the competitive landscape is critical, whether you self-publish or traditionally publish. You need to understand and be able to explain how your book stacks up against all the others.

About the Author: Frances Caballo is a social media manager for writers and author of Avoid Social Media Time Suck: A Blueprint for Writers to Create Online Buzz for Their Books and Still Have Time to WriteSocial Media Just for Writers: The Best Online Marketing Tips for Selling Your Books and Blogging Just for WritersPresently, she is the Social Media Manager for theWomen’s National Book Association-SF Chapter, the San Francisco Writers Conference, and theBay Area Independent Publishers Association. You can find her on FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestand Google+.

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