How to Step Up Your Author Presence on LinkedIn

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4-27-15 Your Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Authors by Frances CaballoYou’re reading the text version of the Social Media for Authors Podcast, Episode 27 published and copyrighted by Frances Caballo every week.

As usual, this week’s episode includes summaries of four blog posts with awesome tips about how to step up your presence on LinkedIn and, of course, I have your tip of the week. Enjoy!

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LinkedIn Statistics and Publishing Options

It’s been a long while since I’ve talked about LinkedIn. We all naturally gravitate to Facebook because it’s been around the longest and Twitter because we know how important it is for authors.

But what about LinkedIn? Did you know that it’s the most valued social media network among professionals?

According to Digital Marketing Research, LinkedIn has more than 350 million users with two new members joining every single second of the day.

It enjoys 187 million monthly unique visitors and a global reach of 200 countries and territories.

Initially, LinkedIn was my favorite social media network. I joined numerous groups and learned a lot from some professionals in the content marketing and social media fields.

But then I let the groups monopolize my time. How much time? I’m embarrassed to say. So I quit the groups and ignored LinkedIn for a while.

Since about six months ago, I’ve been in the groove. I’m in a few groups, and while I’m active, I monitor my time well.

What I love about LinkedIn these days — and this is a way to step up your author presence on LinkedIn — is this website’s publishing platform. If you haven’t used it, you’re missing out.

This is how it works. Once you write a new post for your blog, let it sit on your website for a week or longer, then add it to LinkedIn’s publishing feature.

Simply log into your account, click on Home if you don’t automatically navigate to your news feed, and click on Publish a Post.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.35.54 AM

Then cut and paste your blog post to the new web page, add your headline, upload an image, check your hyperlinks and bio, and add some tags.


Publishing on LinkedIn will extend the life of your post and possibly get you into their curation system for users called Pulse.

And if it’s a great post, LinkedIn might promote it on Twitter. This happened with my interview of Jane Friedman.

So don’t neglect LinkedIn. If you’re a nonfiction writer, LinkedIn is essential to your marketing.

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If you’re a fiction writer, the groups will teach you new skills, introduce you to new writers and other professionals, and expand your network.

Now let’s segue to the second part of the podcast.

Your Author Presence on LinkedIn

I found an intriguing post titled LinkedIn Beats Twitter for Content Marketing, Says Study by Social Times.

According to a study by Direct Marketing Association and Content Marketing Institute, respondents to the survey indicated that 96 percent of them use LinkedIn for content marketing. This was up from 85 percent in 2013.

In comparison, only 69 percent of those surveyed use Facebook for content marketing.

And only 68 percent of those surveyed use Google+ for this purpose. That number also surprised me.

I think this study points to the importance of LinkedIn as a publishing powerhouse that authors can’t ignore.

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Next up is a post by Jeff Bullas titled 21 Steps to Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile.

I’ve been reading Jeff Bullas for years and always appreciate his posts. In this one, he lists 21 suggestions for your profile and includes an informative infographic.

Here are some of his tips:

  1. Your headline should be catchy and have keywords and phrases that you would want to turn up in Google search results
  2. Photo should be taken by a professional
  3. Social proof is important online, so make sure you have at least 500 connections. This leads to credibility and authority on the web.
  4. Add all relevant contact information
  5. Customize your website names to attract your target market
  6. Customize your profile URL
  7. Update your status daily to add value to your network. This could mean you share your latest blog post, presentation or some content you found that is worth sharing.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.37.12 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.38.17 AM

Be sure to read the rest of his tips here.

Next is the Social Media Examiner’s 11 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for More Exposure.

Don’t you love these lists of tips? I do because they enable me to scan a post and say to myself, “Yeah, I’m doing that already,” and then quickly move on to the tip I didn’t previously know about.

So here are some of the 11 tips:

  1. Add the Publications app so that you can promote your books, essays, poetry and short stories.
  2. Share your honors, awards and literary contests you’ve placed in.
  3. List your professional memberships.
  4. Do you speak a second and third language? Note that too.
  5. If you’re volunteering for a nonprofit, list those causes. Everyone appreciates a good citizen.

You’ll find the rest of the tips in the post.

Finally, I wrote a post titled The Ultimate How-To Guide on LinkedIn for Writers.

This post will help anyone who is still fairly new to LinkedIn or who needs to brush up on their skills.

I include information on how to:

  • set up your profile
  • organize your contacts
  • claim your vanity URL
  • optimize your summary with keywords
  • add skills, tag your connections
  • find groups to join, and add different apps

I also include a list of twelve best practices.

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It’s a comprehensive post that should answer all your questions.

To schedule your daily posts for LinkedIn, I suggest you use a social media dashboard such as Hootsuite.

If you want to up your game in your social media marketing, download my free Social Media Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet will take the guessing out of when to post your social media messages, including your LinkedIn updates.

Grab Your Cheat Sheet

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