Have you seen these changes on Facebook and Twitter?

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Facebook TwitterSocial media is always evolving. It changes, retracts, expands, and moves on.

The only constant about social media is that it never stays the same. New features are added and redesigns occur. Keep reading to find out what’s new on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember when Facebook didn’t have a timeline? Instead it had five small images across what it now known as a timeline and small avatar off to the left. Before that, Facebook was known as Thefacebook and other than the brand color, the early version of Facebook is virtually unrecognizable.


A lot can happen in 13 years and when we look at what Facebook looks like today, the differences are amazing.

Set Up Your Shop on Facebook

There are some features on Facebook as well that I want to point out. First, did you know that you can set up a shopping portal on your Facebook page? Just select Shop from the column on the left then click continue from the popup that appears. Note: Unless you use shopify, it’s best to redirect readers with a link to Amazon or other online retailers.

Preferred Audience Options

Here’s another change: Did you notice how the status update box has expanded to include a preferred audience option? Available only on pages, audience optimization, according to Facebook, “is an organic targeting tool to help publishers reach and engage with their audience on Facebook.”

There are three features to preference audience options.

  1. You can add tags to describe your readers’ interests.
  2. You can limit the visibility of your content to specific demographics.
  3. You can add interest tags.

When you click on preferred audiences, you’ll see that you can easily add audiences you prefer and audience restrictions. Once you finish, click save.

Facebook has made certain features super easy to access by adding a colorful array of icons below the status update box.

Just click an image to access event creation, notes, advertising, etc.

Outgoing Personal Messages

Another change is the option to have an outgoing message available when someone private messages you and you don’t have your phone or computer nearby. Just go to settings and then messaging and scroll down. Just type your outgoing message and click save.

Revised Status Updates

On your Facebook profile, the status update box has a range of options.


First, let’s look at the row of colors from which you can select to create a simple text image. Click a color, type your message, and publish.

Here’s a text image I created right on Facebook. This is Facebook’s first foray into graphics.

By clicking or tapping the happy face icon, you’ll have access to a host of emojis you can use.


You can also tag friends, add a sticker, add an image or video, check in to a venue, or edit the date of your post.

Changes on Twitter

Twitter has had a few changes as well. Have you noticed that the Notifications tab is more streamlined and it’s easier to determine when you’ve been retweeted? How? The green retweet icon appears next to a user’s name.

In addition to muting certain people, you can also now mute notifications from people. In my case, I’ve muted anyone who uses the default egghead.

Mute Words and Phrases on Twitter

Do certain words or phrases bother you? You can now mute words in addition to people. Just go to your settings and click Notifications. Just click “Mute specific words” from the above screenshot. When you click on Mute specific words you’ll see a popup. Just click Got it.

Then click Add to mute specific words or phrases.


Type the word or phrase you wish to mute and click add. Be sure to note how long you want the word or phrases muted.

There are more changes that I’ve noticed but I’ll have to review those next week!

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