Grow Your Twitter Tribe – and Find New Readers – with Hashtags

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Hashtags can help you to expand your online readership by attracting users who are searching for the genre you write.

They are also useful for tracking mentions of you and your books.

But hashtags can be tricky, too. You don’t want to overuse them, yet when used appropriately (two or three per tweet), they hold the potential to improve the chance of someone discovering your tweets—and your latest book—through Twitter’s search function.

How to Attract More Readers with Hashtags

If you write memoir, you’ll want to include #memoir when you tweet about your book to attract readers (and writers) interested in personal narratives. If you want readers to know that you just published a great mystery, include #mystery in your tweets.

Here are some hashtags to include in your next tweet.

#99c – Use this hashtag to promote the sale of an eBook.

#bestseller – Have you written a best seller? Let everyone know.

#eBook – Use this hashtag so that iPad, Nook and Kindle users can download it.

#Free / #Giveaway – This has become a popular hashtag on Twitter. Let readers know when you’re offering your next book or story giveaway.

#Genre / #Romantic  / #Comedy / #Suspense /#Mystery / #Erotica – Some readers search specifically for genre stories. If you’ve written one in one of these genres, use one of these hashtags so that readers can find you.

#GreatReads – You can use this hashtag for promoting your friends’ books or just sharing your impressions of the last book you read.

#Halloween – Holidays are trendy on Twitter. Use them in creative ways to promote your blog and books.

#HotTitles – Have you read some books lately that are selling like wildfire? Let your Tweeps know about them.

#kindle – If you have a book on Kindle, let everyone know.

#ShortStory – Do you prefer to write short stories? Attract new admirers with this hashtag.

Find your Writing Tribe

You can also use hashtags to expand your cadre of Tweeps and connect with other Indie writers who will happily help you to market your books. Here is a sampling of hashtags authors use.

#amwriting  / #amediting – These terms are commonly used for Twitter chats – online discussions very similar to Instant Messaging. Johanna Harness is the creator of the term #amwriting as well as the website. Chats take place throughout the day. You can conduct a search using these hashtags to join in.

#askagent / #askauthor  – These are great tags for writers who don’t have an agent or editor, but have questions for them. Who knows? You just might find your agent on Twitter.

#AuthorChat  – This hashtag is used for ongoing conversations between authors as well as Twitter chats.

#FollowFriday  / #FF / #WriterWednesday / #WW – This is a fun Twitter tradition for expressing gratitude to your retweeters by giving them exposure to a wider audience. On Friday mornings, compose a tweet comprised of the usernames of your most loyal retweeters. You can also #FF writers you admire or members of your critique group or book club.

#IndieAuthor – Did you self-publish your book? Use this hashtag to connect with other writers.

#IAN – This hashtag stands for Independent Author Network. Started in 2010, it’s become a resource for Indie authors who support each other in their promotions.

#nanowrimo – Every November, thousands of writers take part in NaNoWriMo, the effort to write a novel in one month. You can keep in touch with other NaNoWriMo writers all over the world by using this hashtag in your tweets or by searching for this term.

#WLCAuthor – The World Literary Café is a promotional website for authors. Similar to the Independent Author Network, Indie authors help each other in their promotions.

#wordcount – With this hashtag, you can share your progress with other writers on the book or story you’re writing.

#writegoal – Users include this hashtag to publicly announce how many words they intend to write that day.

#WritersBlock / #WriteMotivation – Do you sometimes need a little motivation in the mornings to get your writing kick started? Use these hashtags and find your inspiration.

#writetip / #writingtip — If you don’t have time to take a workshop, trying using these hashtags to learn more about your craft.

#writingblitz – This one is used to let your followers know that today you are writing as fast as you can and locking your internal editor into a closet.

Are you having one of those mornings when it’s tough to get started on your writing? Use  #writingprompt / #writetip to get started on the next chapter of your novel.

Which hashtags do you like to use?


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