Friday Roundup: Resources for Indie Authors

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10-3-14 Frances Caballo Social Media Just for Writers

This week’s Resources for Indie Authors focuses on social media and blogging tools to make your life easier. I also tossed in a post from the Blogging Wizard Blog about growing your email list that I liked. I hope you find these resources helpful.

How To Build Your Email List Through Smart Guest Blogging from Blogging Wizard, by Sue Anne Dunlevie: When it comes to growing your blog, one of the most effective and reliable methods is to utilize your opt-in list. Your list is a valuable source of targeted readers. Growing your list should be a top priority, but how do you go about doing that when you’re squarely focused on guest posting on other people’s blogs? Today I’ll show you how you can carry on guest posting and build your list at the same time.

14 Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by the Pros from Social Media Examiner: Are you looking for new social media marketing tools? Do you want to know which tools today’s social media professionals recommend? It’s not always easy to know which tools are worth checking out or how to use them. We asked 15 top social media marketers to share the tools they find most useful right now.

How Much Should You Charge for Your E-Book? 7 Questions to Ask  from Make a Living Writing by Carol Tice:  One of the most-asked questions I got from writers who took my recent self-publishing survey was, “How much should I charge for my e-book?” There’s no simple answer to this one. Many factors go into this decision.

Seven Most Useful Writing Apps for #Authors from Where Writers Win: We’ve heard it said enough: “There’s An App” for that – Does it hold true for authors? We’d say so! In fact there are so many cool apps out there geared to writers that it’s hard to narrow ‘em down. But we have, and here’s seven of our favorites for the craft side of the writer’s life…

Add impact to your blog with these free tools by Jane V. Blanchard: For a little more than two years, I have been blogging and marketing my book. Over time, I have collected tools to help me work more efficiently and effectively. Some I used only temporarily, other are permanent implements in by writer’s toolbox. Let me tell you about them and how you can add impact to your blog with these free tools.

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