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wavesI am busy teaching at the San Francisco Writers Conference  so I thought I would keep today’s post simple!

Rethinking Social Media Success by Angie Pascal f0r ClickZ: The practice of measuring social media success is fraught with misunderstanding and uncertainty. It’s been that way since social media first became a buzzword, and continues to be a contentious subject. However, I noticed a shift in 2014 that I see as extremely positive, and one that will surely continue to become stronger in 2015 and beyond.

How Do You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts? Our 12 Best Time-Saving Tools and Strategies from Buffer: Maybe this sounds familiar to you: I used to log in to each and every individual network to compose new posts, check what’s happening in my streams, follow up on conversations and follower requests, and basically perform any other little bit of social media management that was on my plate. I switched to dashboards and tools, and my productivity has soared.

How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter from Hootsuite: Here’s how many marketers handle their social media strategy:

  1. Craft update.
  2. Select Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  3. Auto-publish update to all three networks.

3 BIG Reasons Your Online Marketing Isn’t Working For You (And How To Fix It) by Becky Sangha: Do you ever get frustrated that your blog article writing, your social media activity, your video posting, your forum networking… All of your online marketing just isn’t producing the results you’re looking for?

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