How to Find Great Content Your Readers Will Love – Part 1

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Social Media Curation Tools by Frances CaballoHow do you succeed when using social media or even when blogging? Deliver great content. Always. Sometimes finding great content can be time consuming. These tools will help you economize your discovery phase of social media marketing. This is Part I of a two-part series. Find Part II here.


“It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time.” Alexis Ohanian

On social media, your reputation rests on the information you post. If you want to attract a following that looks forward to every word you write, every image your post, and every video you find or create, curate with care and with your readers in mind.

As Lee Odden, of TopRank Marketing said, “Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.”

Curation isn’t as difficult as it might sound. If you know who your readers are, try to find content that will resonate with them. If you don’t have a clear sense about your readers, check your Google Analytics or Insights on your Facebook page. These two free programs will reveal in-depth information about your readership, including gender, age ranges, and a range of preferences.

How do you curate content? By slicing through the slush in your news feeds, inboxes, and blog feeds and selecting the best and most relevant content that applies to your readers.

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Become Known within Your Niche

One way to approach curation is to specialize on targeted topics. Don’t try to curate all topics. Become known by what you talk about online. If you write paranormal romance novels, curate about that genre.

Do you write memoir? Find information about workshops, conferences, and other opportunities where your followers who are also writers can learn more about the craft.

Pin images to Pinterest about your bookIf you are writing a cookbook filled with delicious, gluten-free recipes, you can also post the latest findings on Celiac Disease or about new food manufacturers making it easy to follow a strict, gluten-free diet. Of course, you’ll also want to share recipes and images.

If your novel features a woman entrepreneur or CEO, you can write about issues that women in business face or issues related to math and science education in the schools or efforts to overturn discrimination against the education of girls in some parts of the world.

If your novel is set in France, look for information about the particular era you write about and look for dreamy images of France on Pinterest and the specific cities where your characters live.

Create pinboards for each city your characters visit or live in, the clothing you imagine they would wear, and the types of food they enjoy.

If your book is about hiking, look for information on new equipment that makes camping and backpacking easy, discuss great hiking trains, and look for images taken in wilderness areas.

If you write historical fiction, your curation might include current political events in that country and images of the gowns the women wore in the era portrayed in your novel. If you love to write about the 1960s, create pinboards on Pinterest that include retro bell-bottom pants, white boots, flowered skirts, and peasant blouses.

Do you write about vampires? Review movies that feature vampires or explore myths about the walking dead. Do you write poetry? Include quotes from your favorite poets when you tweet, post on Facebook and LinkedIn, and when you pin on Pinterest. Overlay lines on poetry on images and share them on Instagram.

Refrain from posting about the presidential election, abortion, and other divisive issues. Don’t be negative on social media and don’t react to contrary comments or criticism. Narrow your focus and become known for always posting the best and most up-to-date information in your field.

4-18-16 I am part of all that I have met-by Tennyson

On your blog and social media accounts, your reputation rests on the content you share. Become an authority in your niche that other people will want to follow and refrain from annoying others with your political beliefs. Remain objective and stay clear of the potentially alienating arguments that can occur in some pockets of social media.

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Websites to Help You Find Great Content

You could spend hours curating information, but who has the time? Quickly scan these web pages and applications and use the best information you can find in 5 to 10 minutes. You will keep yourself abreast of events through this process and become known as a must-follow writer.


This application – the tagline is “inhale the web” – works like a regular search engine. Type in any topic you’re interested in and Addictomatic will instantly generate tweets, blogs, and posts that match your chosen keywords. Use this website to find content and even to search for possible topics for your next blog post.


Created by social media megastar and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, this is the mother of all curation websites. You’ll find the day’s top articles here in every possible niche. Just use the search bar to find posts.


This search engine will crawl the web for trending topics posted on social media networks. Look for information relevant to your readership.


Get started with Feedly by signing in with your Gmail or Facebook account. Once the initial process is completed, your blog subscriptions will be compiled on your Feedly home page. You can decide whether to see just the headlines, or see the news in a magazine style. Using feedly will keep your inbox less crowded by aggregating your blog subscriptions in one place.

Google Trends

When you arrive on the page, you’ll see a list of the top trending stories of the moment. You can initiate searches by category or country.


Formerly an app for Pinterest, Postris now focuses on Instagram. With this app, you’ll have easy access to seeing what’s trending, track popular tags and users, and see what your followers are posting. Use this app to find images to repost.

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Use this website to see what is trending on any topic that appeals to you or use it as a search engine to track your brand or your name. You’ll also find popular and beautiful images.


This is how Redef describes itself, “We DJ the Internet and deliver daily mixes of fresh ideas.” Sign up with your Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail account and select which sets (Redef’s term for topics) you prefer. Categories range from fashion to music to tech. Under the tab Charts, you can select to focus on authors to see the 100 most popular authors on Redef. You can also create your own mix of news tidbits.

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Authors: Not Sure What to Tweet? Try These 44 Tweets Today by Frances Caballo, AuthorAbout the AuthorFrances Caballo is an author and social media strategist and manager for writers. She’s a regular speaker at the San Francisco Writers Conference and a contributing writer at She’s written several books including Social Media Just for WritersAvoid Social Media Time Suck, and Twitter Just for Writers, which is available for free here on her website. Her focus is on helping authors surmount the barriers that keep them from flourishing online, building their platform, finding new readers, and selling more books. Her clients include authors of every genre and writer conferences. Not sure how you’re doing online? Ask Frances to prepare a social media audit for you.

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