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5-16-14 LinkedIn - Frances Caballo

This week’s roundup of the week’s best posts include a post by the Queen of Blogging, Heidi Cohen; two posts on LinkedIn; and posts on Twitter and Facebook. Despite my very serious case of spring fever, I searched the blogosphere and found these informative posts that now enhance my own social media and blogging skills. I hope you like them as much as I do.

The Great Facebook Deep-Clean from New York Magazine: Five or six years ago, when Facebook was still in its adolescence, barely an hour passed in which I didn’t check the site for something new. Facebook was the best way — the only way, really — to share personal news, keep in touch with far-flung friends, and learn about people I’d just met. Every day, I spent hours scrolling through stories, commenting on photos and statuses, and posting my own updates. In the digital town square, I had a permanent bench.

5 Difficult Ways to Get Results from LinkedIn from Business2Community: LinkedIn recently celebrated the milestone of reaching 300 million registered users, and now celebrates its 11th birthday. As a public company, LinkedIn is exceeding analyst expectations and while its stock price performance has been somewhat of a roller coaster, overall it is performing well. As a user, these achievements are meaningless if you don’t know how to use the professional networking site for brand building and lead generation. So, I offer a few tips that require work. They’re only difficult if you’re unwilling to put forth the effort.

5 Easy Tricks To Attract Blog Post Attention [Research] from Heidi Cohen: It’s easy to say online audiences have short attention spans but the real answer is deeper than that. Unlike offline information, the links and different formats embedded in online content allow readers to take diverse paths. Each alternative forces readers to make a choice resulting in audience loss at each point.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Facebook Fans Want to See Your Content from SteamFeed: I recently re-read an interesting Fast Company piece about the number of people who hide or block Facebook content even if they “Like” the brand or business. As the CEO of a software company that makes apps to use on Facebook Pages or embed on websites, one of my missions is to help businesses create content — including contests and forms – that increases the number of fans who engage and interact with a brand on Facebook.

5 Twitter Photo Options You Might Not Know About from Business2Community: Social media users are a visual-consuming community. Research indicates that social network updates that include images generate approximately 50% more likes and retweets than those that do not. Smartphones and tablets make creating engaging images easier than ever.Twitter users who are using the official Twitter app will notice changes to the image feature. In recent weeks, Twitter made these changes and if you’re like me, you missed the memo! Here’s a list of 5 new photo options on Twitter that you might not know about:


About the Author: Frances Caballo is a social media manager for writers and author of Avoid Social Media Time Suck: A Blueprint for Writers to Create Online Buzz for Their Books and Still Have Time to Write, Social Media Just for Writers: The Best Online Marketing Tips for Selling Your Books and Blogging Just for Writers. Presently, she is the Social Media Manager for theWomen’s National Book Association-SF Chapter, the San Francisco Writers Conference, and theBay Area Independent Publishers Association. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! These are great resources 🙂

  2. This is really useful, thank you. I like the point about adding links into content as it gives the user a diverse path away from the post. This is useful, especially when the online community has such a short attention span.

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