Every Writer Deserves a Break

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Quote by Jarod Kintz via Social Media Just for Writers - Frances CaballoIndie writers need a break once in a while, don’t you agree?

After a lot of thought and some anguish, I’m switching my podcast schedule to once a week.

Publishing a podcast can be time-consuming. On average, it takes me five hours to publish a ten- to fourteen-minute podcast episode.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

First, I write the script. Then I record it and edit the recording. Then I upload the audio to LibSyn.com and add the show notes to my blog and create an image.

I spend 90 minutes just on the  recording and editing. And that’s an improvement; it initially took me two hours to record a ten- to fourteen-minute episode.

While it’s a time-consuming process, so far it’s been totally worth it.

But I have other goals I want to achieve. I have two books in my head that are screaming to get out. And I’m working on a free email course and a few other special projects.

Whew! Right?

So I’m going to take a one-month break from my podcast. (Yeah, I know. I’m not supposed to do that but I am.)

When I return, I’ll publish my podcast every other Friday, starting October 30, just in time for Halloween!

Thanks for understanding.

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