Chicken Soup for Writers: Facebook, SEO, Queries and Evaluating eBooks

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This week’s roundup resembles my chicken soup; it has a little bit of everything in it. There’s a post on how to write a great query letter, a lengthy article from Joel Friedlander’s blog on how to evaluate your eBook, and there are some posts on SEO and Facebook to help you with your marketing efforts. I hope you like this week’s selections.

15 attributes of an effective query letter from BookBaby Blog: A few years back, author Mike Wells wrote a blog article listing common mistakes writers make in their query letters to agents and (conversely) showing what a good query letter looks like.

A Step by Step Guide to Evaluating Your ePub Files on Kindles, iPads, and Smartphones from The Book Designer: Most of us don’t think about converting our books to ebooks until after they’re completed and ready for publication. In this article, Jeff Bach explains how we can view them before they’re ready to be published and why we might want to think about doing that.

All About SEO and Your WordPress Blog from WordPress: We get a lot of questions about SEO here on, and no wonder — you work hard on your site and want to get the word out! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO recommendations are intended to help your site rank higher and more accurately in search engines, like Google. Say you write a blog about sailboats. When someone Googles “sailboats,” how many pages of results do they have to scroll through before they see a link to your blog? The goal behind having good SEO is to increase your website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

Is Social Media Strangling SEO? (No!) from Business to Community: Is SEO nearing doomsday? Is Social Media slowly and gradually wiping out SEO? Can Social Media or SEO do the job, independent of each other? Which is the more effective of the two? These are the questions pervading everyone’s mind these days. Through this article let us attempt to address some of these fears.

6 Effective Tips for Maximizing Your Facebook Fan Page Links from Social Media Today: Facebook has become one of the most popular and sought after social media today. Different people use Facebook for different purposes. To most young people, it is one very efficient platform for connecting with old friends and making new ones from different parts of the world. But, to the business minded, Facebook is one platform that allows them reach a global audience and tell good stories about their products and services.


socialmediaforwritersAbout the Author: Frances Caballo is a social media manager for writers and author of Social Media Just for Writers: The Best Online Marketing Tips for Selling Your Books and Blogging Just for Writers. Presently, she is the Social Media Manager for the Women’s National Book Association-SF Chapter, the San Francisco Writers Conference, and the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

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