Book Tours, LinkedIn Endorsements & Finding a Balance in Life

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The weather in Northern California has been wonderful this week. Blue skies, temperate weather and lovely clouds. But I’ve been in my office staring at my computer. I obviously need more balance in my life. Therefore, in addition to including posts on book tours and LinkedIn, I include one on finding a balance in life. I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup.

Book Tour Planning 101: by @MidgeRaymond on the Jane Friedman’s blog @JaneFriedman blog: My book Forgetting English came out twice—once from Eastern Washington University Press, after winning the Spokane Prize for Short Fiction—and again, from Press 53, after EWU Press closed its doors.On one hand, it was awful to have my publisher shut down and leave me out of print. On the other hand, I got to have a second book tour, with an updated edition of my book and a spiffy new cover.

The Story of Two Wolves by Ethos 3: In the book, The One Thing, authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan relate the old Cherokee story of the two wolves. As the elder tells the boy, everyone has two wolves inside. One is Fear: it is characterized by uncertainty, anxiety, worry and all of the things that limit and demobilize us. The other is Faith: it is characterized by courage, confidence, conviction and all the things that drive us forward in life.

 Making the Best of LinkedIn Endorsements by Viveka von Rosen: Are you still waking each morning with an inbox full of LinkedIn Endorsement notifications? And then you find more people endorsing you on your profile page?  And then there they are on another member’s profile?  LinkedIn Endorsements were a great idea – but the roll-out and execution has been abysmal!

5 Secrets of Keeping Your Daily Life in Balance by Craig Jarrow: When things are off-balance, things feel out of control.You feel like a juggler trying not to drop anything.You don’t know which of your obligations could bring the whole day crashing down. It’s not a fun feeling.


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  1. I just discovered your website and am enjoying nosing around. Appreciate the link to the story on Ethos. So true about which wolf we feed making the difference, as each has equally powerful potential in our lives. I’m going to work on putting the carcass in front of faith, twice a day-at waking and before going to sleep. Thanks for the piece.

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