Book Marketing Weekly Roundup

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Book Marketing Weekly Roundup by Frances CaballoIt was such a wonderful week on the web for book marketing advice for authors. I selected a whopping five posts to share today because of the cornucopia of great content for authors. The big news of the week? Goodreads is testing the inclusion of Kindle ebooks in its giveaway program. This will be huge for indie authors. Plus, I loved being interviewed by Lorna Faith. So check out the show notes, podcast, or video.

Book Marketing Advice for Indie Authors

10 (Practically) Cringe-less Self-Promotion Ideas for Authors from Publishers Weekly and by Kimberly Dana: “Self-promotion is fraught with the cringiest of awkward moments, but my more experienced comrade was right. Combing the social media circuit in search of friends, followers, and readers isn’t just necessary; it’s an integral part of the average author’s day. I consoled myself with one small, comforting thought: I can at least be smart about it.” Note: Kimberly Dana offers some tangible steps for indie authors to follow.

How to use audio as a marketing tool by Joanna Penn: “Just as an overview, we’re going to go through, “Why audio, and why now?” “How to self-publish audiobooks with ACX,” “Working with a narrator,” “Narrating your own book,” if you fancy doing that, as I have done with one of mine, so far, “Audio programs, and how to sell direct.” “Podcasting as an author platform,” and also, “How to pitch podcasters with your book,” if you’d like to feature on programs, plus some tips on marketing, audiobooks. So a big session today, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. And at the end, I will share where you can download the slides with all the links that I’ll be talking about in this session.” Note: I’ve been listening to Joanna Penn’s podcast for the past year and it’s one of my favorites. If you haven’t subscribed to it yet, I encourage you to do so. She features talented guests who offer great advice for indie authors.

Mythbusting The Amazon Algorithm – Reviews and Ranking For Authors by SelfPublishing Review: “Despite many educated guesses that seem to have passed into urban legend in self-publishing communities online, there are no secrets to the Amazon ranking system.” Note: This post explains Amazon’s ranking algorithm. Read the post to better understand how to improve your ranking.

Kindle Ebook Giveaways Now Available on Goodreads (US members) by Goodreads: “We’re starting off the program by working with Amazon Publishing on a closed beta. Once out of beta, the program will be open to any author or publisher who sells their ebooks on Amazon.” Note: Goodreads, at long last, will soon allow everyone to include Kindle ebooks in the website’s giveaway program. This is great news for authors.

Podcast and Show notes from an interview with Lorna Faith by Lorna Faith with me, Frances Caballo – plus the video:

Quote of the week:

Love words, agonize over sentences. And pay attention to the world. Susan Sontag


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