Friday Roundup: Book Marketing Tips for Indie Authors

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Episode 7 - Book Marketing Strategies 2


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Welcome to the Friday Roundup where you’ll find practical tips for marketing your books on the social web. This week’s segment includes summaries of four blog posts that will help you develop awesome marketing strategies for your books, and of course, your tip of the week. I hope you enjoy the post!

Let’s start with your weekly tip.

Have you heard of AuthorRise? It’s a cool app from a San Francisco startup that tracks book sales from Amazon with an author’s social media use. It will tell you whether your social media activity generates sales.

Right now, the app only tracks Twitter but AuthorRise will add other social media networks over time. Presently, the app is free to use.

AuthorRise offers a great feature called Flyers. A flyer is a template that you can use to share content and promote your book across all of your social platforms.

Once you create a Flyer, you can tweet directly from AuthorRise and the Flyer will show up as a Twitter Card. The great thing about Twitter Cards is that they give you more real estate in someone’s feed than just a plain-text tweet.

Now we know that images have a far greater impact than mere text. More people are likely to retweet a message with an image and on Facebook, people are more likely to share images. That’s what makes Twitter cards so powerful.

You can create a flyer whenever you write a new post, article, or even when you receive a great review. Buy buttons are automatically added to each flyer.

Soon, you’ll be able to track your flyers so you can find out who opened them, who’s reading your content, and who’s buying your book.

Awesome information to know, right?

So sign up for AuthorRise, connect your books on Amazon, and create a flyer.

I wrote a complete description about Author Rise on Joel Friedlander’s blog, The Book Designer. Be sure to check it out.

Now for the second segment of the show …

I scoured the Internet and found some great posts related to author marketing strategies. You’ll find links to all of these articles in my show notes on my Friday blog. Okay, now for the blog posts:

First up is a post from Publishers Weekly titled Advanced Marketing Tactics for Indie Authors.

This post is awesome and describes a number of strategies Indie Authors can use to market their books.

First up is preorders. If you’ve attended any writers conferences recently, you probably heard Mark Coker discuss these.

According to Mark, he has evidence that books that make pre-order copies available ultimately sell more books. Smashwords now offers this feature.

Now let’s discuss metadata. Metadata is the information authors input in a chosen distributor’s system, such as CreateSpace, Smashwords or IngramSpark. The information encompasses the book description, category selected, price, author bio, blurb, etc.

The third strategy is keep writing books. Nothing sells your first book better than writing the second one. And then the third one.

There are more tips in this post so you’ll need to check it out.

Next is a short, informative post by Paula Krapf, 5 Keep-It-Simple Marketing Tips For Indie Authors.

Over the past 15 years, Paula has accumulated a vast inner database of marketing expertise to propel my books into bestseller status. She shares some of her strategies in this post. Here they are:

  • Know your bumper niches – Entice those demographics that are close to the demographics of your ideal reader.
  •  Calendar it out – In other words, create a calendar of holidays that relate to your book.
  • Three Niches + Calendar = Simple Marketing – Select your main niche, add two bumper niches, and focus one group a month.
  •  Surprise people – Find out why she chose not to pre-promote early December book releases. She had great results.
  • Trust yourself – Trust your gut when it comes to taking someone else’s marketing advice.

Next is 7 Strategies and 110 Tools to Help Indie Authors Find Readers and Reviewers written by Sabrina Ricci and Digital Pubbing.

These are her strategies:

  •      Write the best book you can.
  •      Then write another.
  •      And then another.
  •      You get the idea.

What’s impressive about this post is the list of tools Sabrina includes. She lists everything from free promotions, crowdsourcing websites, free and paid advertising, how to land interviews, how to garner reviews, blog tours and more. You’ll love this list.

Finally, I wrote a post titled How to Stop Wasting Time and Focus Your Book Marketing. I hope you’ll check it out.

If you’d like to learn more about using social media as a marketing tool, be sure to check out my newest book, Avoid Social Media Time Suck. You can pick up the eBook for a mere $2.99.


Frances Candid Shot 12-5-13About the Author: Frances Caballo is an author and social media strategist and manager for writers. You can receive a free copy of her book Twitter Just for Writers by signing up for her newsletter. Connect with Frances on FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterest, and Google+.

Practical Tips for Marketing Your Books on the Social Web

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