Blockbuster Author Kevin Tumlinson Reveals His Writing and Book Marketing Secrets

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Kevin TumlinsonSeveral months ago I used Draft2Digital to convert one of my books to an ePub and distribute it to online book retailers. I was impressed by the customer service I experienced and how easy the staff made the entire process for me.

Then, I recalled hearing Kevin Tumlinson of Draft2Digital speak on Joanna Penn’s podcast about eight months ago and decided to invite him to join my Conversations with Frances webinar series.

Earlier this month I interviewed Kevin Tumlinson, marketing director for Draft2Digital and a bestselling author. We had a wide-ranging conversation about Draft2Digital and Kevin’s writing and book marketing tips. Here are some of the points we covered:

  • Draft2Digital is a book aggregator that uploads manuscripts and converts them to epub, mobi, and PDF formats.
  • Draft2Digital used to distribute to Amazon and hopes to do so again. Meanwhile, authors can take the mobi file and upload it to Amazon themselves.
  • Once the conversions are made, authors can use the ePub, mobi, and PDFs they’d like. The conversion is a free service.
  • Draft2Digital chooses to stand out in how they serve the community of writers. It is a service-oriented company that was founded by authors to help independent authors succeed.
  • Kevin Tumlinson is an award-winning copywriter, especially in video work. Copywriting is his “staple” skill. We discussed how copywriting is an important skills for indie authors to learn. If they don’t learn this skill, they should hire someone to do the copywriting for them.
  • Copywriting is a brain shift. It’s a specific skill you write to promote your work.
  • Kevin is the author of 30-Day Author.
  • Waiting to write until you’re inspired is ridiculous. The 30-Day Author explains Kevin’s process. The book basically explains how you write a book in any given time frame.
  • Kevin changes his daily word count but for a time he wrote 5,000 words/day. He has a bare minimum target of 500 words/day.
  • Kevin once wrote a 60,000 word novel in one day.
  • He doesn’t outline his books.
  • He has written professionally since he was 12 years old.
  • Kevin spends 98% of his marketing dollars on Facebook advertising to promote his list. His list now has 26,000 subscribers.
  • To entice readers to join his list, he gives away books.

Here’s the entire interview:

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