Authors: Not Sure What to Tweet? Try These 44 Tweets Today

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Authors: Not Sure What to Tweet? Try These 44 Tweets Today by Frances Caballo, Author

Twitter Tips for Indie Authors

Are you in a slump with your Twitter account? Or maybe you’ve never been entirely certain how to use this platform and what to tweet.

Don’t worry. I often hear this complaint from writers. The truth is, when you’re starting out on Twitter, it can be difficult to know what to do and what not to say.

If you’re stumped in the mornings as your prepare your social media posts for the day, follow these steps:

  • scan your lists
  • look at your newsfeed
  • check your notifications and consider at what your readers are tweeting
  • review the profiles of experts in your field
  • go to to find the top blog posts of the day in your niche

[clickToTweet tweet=”Use as a resource for content to retweet via @CaballoCaballo” quote=”Use as a resource for content to retweet via @CaballoCaballo”]

If you’re still perplexed, keep this list of 44 tweets nearby and refer to it every day. This list will always keep your tweets fresh.

  1. Quotes from authors
  2. Quotes about reading
  3. Images of book covers from your favorite authors
  4. Images of libraries
  5. Pictures of unusual bookshelves
  6. Books you like that were written by other authors
  7. Tweets about your new blog post
  8. Tweets that lead readers to specific landing pages on your website
  9. Tweets that lead readers to a popular Facebook post
  10. Vacation images
  11. Holiday images
  12. Infographics
  13. Quotes from your book
  14. Quotes from your blog posts
  15. Thank you tweets
  16. Questions
  17. Answers
  18. Expressions of gratitude
  19. Quotes from positive reviews of your books on Amazon
  20. Use the hashtag #1LineWednesday to tweet a great first line from a book you’ve read or are reading
  21. Send a tweet and use the hashtag #FridayReads to tell your audience what you’re reading now
  22. Links to podcasts you’ve enjoyed
  23. Free PDF
  24. Free first chapter of your book
  25. Free eBook
  26. Information about book fairs and events of interest to your readers
  27. Ask for introductions
  28. Announcements of a Twitter contest you’re hosting
  29. Notify your readers when one of your books is available for free
  30. Occasionally tweet about your book but never ask people to buy it or fill your tweet with hashtags your readers won’t understand
  31. Announce the nominees and then the winner of the Man Booker Prize
  32. Share news about new nominees for the Pulitzer Prize and then share the winner’s name and the book that he or she wrote
  33. Share the good news about the world’s new Nobel Laureate in Literature
  34. Tell your readers about the nominees for this year’s National Book Award nominees and then announce the winners
  35. Share the news when you’ve won an award for one of your books
  36. Tweet quotes about your genres, such as what makes a good mystery or thriller novel
  37. Talk about new publications from famous authors who write in your genre
  38. Tweet fun/humorous images about books and reading
  39. Talk about the importance of literacy
  40. Tweet about developments that may be news-related that are pertinent to your genre
  41. Share a link to your Goodreads account so your readers will know what you’ve read and what you’re reading
  42. Let your readers know when you’ve reviewed a good on Goodreads
  43. Share your reviews about your books that are on Goodreads
  44. Check trending issues and incorporate trending hashtags into a tweet when it makes sense for your genre, book, and brand

[clickToTweet tweet=”Can’t decide what to tweet? Check out this list of 44 tweet suggestions” quote=”Can’t decide what to tweet? Check out this list of 44 tweet suggestions”]

Don’t forget to grab my newly updated, 39-page, and free eBook, Twitter Just for Writers!


Authors: Not Sure What to Tweet? Try These 44 Tweets Today by Frances Caballo, AuthorAbout the Author: Frances Caballo is an author, podcaster and social media strategist and manager for writers. She’s a regular speaker at the San Francisco Writers Conference and a contributing writer at She’s written several books including Social Media Just for Writers, Avoid Social Media Time Suck, and Twitter Just for Writers, which is available for free here on her website. Her focus is on helping authors surmount the barriers that keep them from flourishing online, building their platform, finding new readers, and selling more books. Her clients include authors of every genre and writer conferences. Not sure how you’re doing online? Ask Frances to prepare a social media audit for you.


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