Are You Ready for 2019? How to Update Your Social Media

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Update your social media

Let’s talk about how important it is to update your social media.

When was the last time you changed your password on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?

When was the last time you updated your profile on Instagram or checked the about section on your Facebook page?

Once we set up our social media profiles and pages, we tend to neglect them.

We instead turn our focus to finding content to post and schedule every day.

Before the New Year rolls in, take time to spiff up your profiles and change your passwords. Yes, you should periodically change your passwords to ward off hackers.

How to Create Hacker-Proof Passwords

I was listening to NPR one day and heard a program about how to create hacker-proof passwords.

Here’s the formula. Think of your two favorite authors or leaders. Let’s use Hemingway and Faulkner in this example.

Use the first few (or last) letters of their names, stick a numeral sequence in the middle, and add one or more characters.

For example, you could create the following passwords:

  • Hem357Fau*&
  • Way731Ner*^
  • Ing259Ulk%@

Or, you can use a program called 1Password The application devises a hacker-proof password for each of your social media networks. Then when it’s time to open Facebook, 1Password applies the appropriate password.

This program costs just $3.99 a month. What a deal.

Basic Rules About Passwords

Here are some of my most basic rules for passwords.

  1. Do you use the same password for multiple social media accounts? Don’t. Create separate passwords for every social media network you use and every application you try. I know this can be a hassle but if you use the same password across the web think about how easy it will for a hacker to get into all of your accounts.
  2. Keep your passwords in a safe place. Do not keep them on sheets of paper and do not keep them on e-files labeled passwords. Consider keeping them on an online program such as
  3. Share your passwords with as few people as possible and only if you have to, such as a virtual assistant.
  4. Use a complicated password with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  5. Never use the word “password” or the numbers 123 for your online programs or ATM cards.

How to Update Your Social Media

Update Your Facebook Page 

Go to the About section on your Facebook page and make sure that everything is current.

If you have 35 or more likes on your page, review your analytics. What are the circumstances that trigger engagement on your page? Does it occur with certain types of posts, images or specific times of the day?

Do you know whether more men or women like your page? Do you know their ages? Check out this section and start planning an editorial calendar for the first three months of 2019.

Review Your Twitter Account

First, look at your following and follower numbers and use a program such as ManageFlitter to fine-tune the balance. I use ManageFlitter to unfollow some users who don’t follow back, to whitelist users I never want to unfollow and to block users who have fake accounts as well as spam and bot accounts. I also unfollow inactive accounts.

There are two Twitter follow limits. If you have fewer than 5,000 followers, the maximum people you can follow are 5,000. (The old limit was 2,000 followers.)

So, if 5,000 follow you, the maximum number of people you can follow is 5,500. So be sure to use Tweepi or ManageFlitter to start unfollowing users who don’t follow you back.

While you’re here, click Edit Profile and determine whether you want to update your avatar (your picture), the banner, or your bio.

Also, if you haven’t pinned a tweet to the top of your timeline, consider pinning a tweet about your most recent book or if you’re an editor, a service you provide.

Update Your Instagram Profile or Page

To update Instagram, go to your profile and tap Edit Profile.

Here you can change your photo, website address, your bio, as well as your private information such as your phone number if email address.

Look at the images you’ve posted. Have you kept the font consistent? What about the colors you’ve chosen?

Look at the Instagram accounts of your peers and determine whether yours is unique to the genre you write. Do you promote your books too much or not enough? Are you gaining followers?

Use this time to analyze your account and determine how you can improve it.

Update Your Pinterest Account

Review your bio. Is it still relevant?

Next, review your pinboards. Are there any that need deleting? Do you have some that you started then stopped collecting images for?

Maybe it’s time to change the cover of a board? Simply go to that pinboard, click edit, then click Change.

update your social media

Once you select a new image for the cover, click Save.

While you’re at it, make sure that all of your pinboards have descriptions with keywords and hashtags and that you categorize your boards.

If you are planning a new novel, now is the time to create new pinboards to reflect those characters, the clothes they wear, and the meals they enjoy.

Don’t forget to create a few pinboards just for fun.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Review your profile. Have you published new books? Add those to your publications application on LinkedIn.

Review your summary. Make sure you pepper this with keywords that will draw readers to your account and add any new books you’ve published.

Would you like to add new skills to your profile? Open Skills & Endorsements and click the pencil next to “Add a new skill.”

update your social media

Does your headline still make sense?

Are you taking advantage of LinkedIn’s publishing platform and adding blog posts to your profile? To add a blog post, go to the Home tab.

Within the box where you can share an update or photo, click Write an Article.

update your social media

You will navigate to the page where you can add an image, headline, and the body of your blog post, including more images or even a video.

update your social media

A Few More Random Tips to Update Your Social Media

Had enough tips for one day? Here are a few more.

  1. Make sure that your avatars are consistent across all channels.
  2. Make sure that your banner is consistent across all channels.
  3. Add keywords to your profile descriptions.
  4. Review your images. Are you using images with all of your posts? If not, take time to create some for future use.

Want to know all of my best social media marketing tips? Get a copy of Social Media Just for Writers.

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