Are Facebook Pages Hard? You Bet! 13 Tips to Help You Attract and Keep Facebook Fans

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Attract More Readers to Facebook by Frances CaballoIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while or listening to my podcast, you’ve heard me say that Facebook is hard.

It’s not hard to set up a profile and chat with your friends. It is difficult once you build yourself a Facebook author page to grow a base of dedicated readers.

And Facebook keeps making it increasingly more difficult.

About four years ago, you could count on the fact that 32 percent or more of your readers would see your Facebook page posts.

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Last summer, Facebook tweaked its algorithm, lowering that number to about 6 percent. If you were lucky or invested in advertising, as many as 12 percent of your fans saw your posts.

Well, Facebook changed its algorithm again. Now, you’re lucky if 2 percent of your readers see you page posts.

Unless, that is if you purchase advertising.

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Social media networks need to find ways to monetize their operations, and advertising is the easiest way.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat are monetizing their operations through advertising as well.

If you’re Mercedes or Macy’s, you have an advertising budget. But if you’re an Indie author, spending a $1,000 or more on one ad can be unrealistic.

So what can you do to attract and keep Facebook fans and make sure they see  future posts? I have several suggestions.

9 Tips to Attract Readers to Your Facebook Author Page

  1. Invite your Facebook friends and other followers and connections to visit your Facebook page by posting content that links to your Facebook page.
  2. Consider adding a Facebook Like Box to your website.
  3. Cover the basics. Complete the About section, upload a branded banner image, and use a professionally taken picture of yourself as an avatar.
  4. The next time you prepare an e-newsletter, remember to include a Facebook social share icon and Like icon.
  5. Add a link to your Facebook page to your email signature.
  6. Include a call to action at the end of each of your blog posts that encourages your readers to Like your Facebook page.
  7. Include Facebook page URL on your business card and the back cover of your book.
  8. When you leave a comment on a blog, consider leaving the web address for your Facebook page instead of your website URL.
  9. Remember to add your Facebook author page web address on the bottom of all press releases.

Now that you’ve attracted readers to your page, here’s how to keep them and help them see all of your posts.

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4 Tips to Keep Readers Returning to Your Facebook Page

  1. Post a minimum of twice a day on your page.
  2. Remember that even though Facebook rewards original content, people still like to be entertained. I try to strike a balance by posting links to great content in the mornings and text images in the afternoon. Find a similar balance on your page.
  3. Do not use a plugin that automatically generates a status update on your Facebook post. Facebook downgrades auto-posted updates, which means that very few to none of your readers will see your new content. A better strategy is to go to your blog, click the social share button for Facebook, and write your status update. Another alternative is to use Facebook’s scheduling feature.
  4. Share videos and captivating images.

Keep in mind that Facebook’s algorithm is comprised of Likes, shares, and comments, with shares being most important.

It’s also important to watch your analytics – Facebook’s free and wonderful Insights works great – to keep apprised of which content resonates with your readers and which content falls flat.

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So keep your readers entertained and informed and they will keep coming back.

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