The Only 10 Social Media Applications You’ll Ever Need

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The Only 10 Applications You'll Ever Need by Frances Caballo

When I write my books, I list a lot of applications. How many? Avoid Social Media Time Suck must contain about 100.

Some readers like the variety but others want me stop being impartial and identify those that I would highly recommend.

It’s a fair criticism.

So today, I’m going to do just that. I’m not going to criticize applications because what might be a good app for one person might not fit another at all. But I will tell you which social media apps I think are worth using. Here we go.

Social Media Scheduling


As some of you know, this is my social media scheduling application of choice. I’ve used it about five years, and I’m dedicated to this app. Here’s why: I get to schedule recurring tweets.

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Buffer and Hootsuite are more popular, and excellent alternatives, but SocialOomph has features that the other two apps don’t have — ones that save me time and make me more efficient in my work.

For example, I can easily create recurring tweets. Let’s say I want to tweet about a new blog post. The first day I might want to tweet it three times, and then I may want to schedule it once a week and then once every four to eight weeks for a few months.

SocialOomph makes it easy to accomplish that.

  1. Write your tweets.
  2. Select which social media network you want to send them to. (You can also use this feature for LinkedIn.)
  3. Decide which date and time you want your tweet to start publishing.
  4. Select the frequency schedule (every 8 hours, every week, every five weeks, once a year, and nearly every combination in between)
  5. Indicate the number of times you want your tweet to repeat.

Here is a screenshot of all of the recurring frequencies you can set:

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 2.44.57 PM

To set up your recurring tweets, precede your first tweet with a bracket and end your last tweet with a bracket. Also, you must place a bar – | – between each tweet. On a Mac, press shift + backward slash to produce the straight line.

This is what your recurring tweets will look like:

{Don’t Smoosh that Spider! How Insects and #Compassion are Connected #parents | Millions of Insects Exist in the World #parents #kids| Don’t Let All Insects Bug You – Teaching #Empathy to Kids #parents | Teach Kids Compassion for Insect Life #parents | What are your tips for teaching children about #compassion? #parents}

SocialOomph also offers the following features:

  1. It will track your keywords and send you an email twice a day so that you can thank, retweet or reply to your followers from your inbox.
  2. The analytics include click-through rates, a valuable feature.
  3. The app will purge your direct message box of spam-filled tweets.
  4. You can arrange for SocialOomph to find followers for you.

Here is the downside to SocialOomph: you can use it for LinkedIn and Twitter but to set it up for Facebook, you’ll need to get help from your webmaster or another techie. However, it’s always best to post to Facebook either live or by using the native scheduling feature on your Facebook page. Using an application to schedule your Facebook posts will invariably lower your reach and engagement.


If you’re looking for a scheduling application that can do it all: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ pages, and Instagram, then Buffer is the best and easiest application to use. The free Awesome plan also includes Pinterest and the cost is a mere $10/month. What a deal, right?


If you want an app that covers more social media networks than SocialOomph and for some reason you’re not pleased with Buffer, then your next option is Hootsuite. It’s not quite as easy to set up as Buffer, but it’s a worthy application that a lot of people use.

Get Rid of Your Unfollowers


This application makes my online life so much easier. I can unfollow users who don’t follow me back, get rid of inactive accounts I follow and create whitelists for accounts I want to follow even if they don’t reciprocate by following back. All I have to do is spend at most three minutes a day cleaning up my Twitter account, and I’m done.

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Tweepi is a worthy alternative to ManageFlitter and I believe it’s been around longer. For just $10.75/month, you can delete accounts that don’t follow you, sort and filter followers, add users to your lists, and force users, such as spam accounts, to unfollow you. Its platinum program has additional features.

Writing and Publishing Apps


This is such a cool app. If you have trouble focusing on your writing, OmmWriter creates a natural online environment where you can write without interruption while listening to meditative music. I use this app when I write my blog posts.


I’ve been using Grammarly for three years, and I won’t publish a blog post without it.

Once you sign up and pay the $135 annual fee, you can either cut and paste your post into the online program or upload your blog post straight from your computer.

If you have a Mac, you’ll want to get the free Grammarly desktop app to check grammar, spelling, and usage, and identify text that doesn’t pass its plagiarism test.


Facebook Insights

If you want to understand your Facebook page, know what types of content work best with your readers, and know the best times to write your status updates in the future, you need to periodically review Facebook’s Insights.

This graph tracks reach:

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 3.20.29 PM

Your analytics will also describe the demographics of your fans:

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 3.24.04 PM

If you plan to purchase Facebook advertising, check your Insights first.

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Twitter Analytics

You can access your Twitter analytics at On the summary dashboard, you’ll see a summary of these features from the previous 28 days:

  1. The number of tweets you’ve sent.
  2. Tweet impressions.
  3. Visits to your profile.
  4. Mentions of your Twitter username.
  5. The number of followers you’ve gained.
  6. The number of tweets linking to you.

Beneath the 28-day summary, on the right, you’ll see a summary for the current month. The summary will also include your top tweets, top followers, and other numbers. You can dial down the summary and find even more specific information within the tabs titled Tweets, Audiences, and Events.

If you want to succeed on Twitter, visit your analytics at least monthly.

I almost forgot to mention this: the analytics are free.

Create Visuals with Canva

The final application I’ll discuss is Canva. I don’t know what I would do without it.

I’m still using the free portion of the application, and so far, it fits all of my needs. I use Canva for every image with text that you see on my website. Its drag-and-drop feature is easy to use, the website offers free templates, and you can either purchase images from Canva or download them for free from a new of websites with copyright-free images.

Now you have my unbiased perspective on the above ten applications that I use and love to use. Next, I’d love to hear which applications you rely on.

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Ryshia Kennie 

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