12 Things Every Author Should Know about Social Media

7-6-15 Social Karma

Social Media Isn’t QVC

I’ve been studying some authors in the last couple of weeks, and I realize that there are still too many writers out there who treat social media as though it were the QVC shopping channel.

Even authors who supposedly know better. As we talked on the phone the other evening, my friend also told me she now unfriends these authors.

That’s the risk.

You see, if you treat social media as though it were broadcast media, your readers – the people who buy your books and adore your writing – will also unfriend, unfollow, block and mute you.

What would happen to your book sales then? They’d head down the toilet.

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Who Do You Follow? These 18 Tweeps Are Awesome!

Who Do You Follow? These 17 Tweeps Are Awesome! by Frances CaballoIn this week’s Fab Friday Finds I’m sharing the Twitter accounts of some of the social media and writing/publishing experts I’ve discovered. Enjoy the list!

Content marketing is the best way for writers to grow a following of dedicated readers and colleagues on the social web.

The steps to achieving this goal are:

  • Write the best book you can for a defined audience.
  • Have your book professionally edited.
  • Hire the best cover designer you can afford.
  • Develop a WordPress website where you will host your blog and have information about your book and yourself.
  • Establish your social media presence so you can reach your target audience.

Then, use your social media accounts as part of your content curation system. This process will be easier if you start creating lists or circles of the experts who post the best content in your field, niche, interests or genre.

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Social Media Hacks for Indie Authors

Social Media Hacks for Indie AuthorsOn February 1, I fell and fractured my left wrist. It was a bad fracture.

Each time the radiology techs took an x-ray, they would say, “Oh, my God!” or “That’s a really bad break.”

There’s a reason I’m telling you this painful tale.

After the fall, I suddenly found myself with just one useable arm and hand. For eight long weeks, my left arm and a good part of my hand were in a cast. (The experience gave me a new appreciation for amputees.)

Even after the cast came off, for several weeks my hand would go into a spasm whenever I tried to type.

What’s a writer to do? This is how I handled the setback.

Social Media Hacks for a One-handed Writer

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Got to Improve Your Facebook Marketing? Read these Facts and Tips

FacebookYou’re reading the text version of the Social Media for Authors Podcast, Episode 24, written and copyrighted by Frances Caballo. Enjoy!

As usual, this week’s episode includes summaries of four blog posts with awesome tips to improve your Facebook marketing and, of course, I have your tip of the week.

Let’s start with your weekly social media tip.

I often hear authors complain about Facebook. I’ve heard it called Faceburger and other names I won’t mention.

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15 Tips for Posting on Social Media Plus Free Cheat Sheet

6-15-15 When - What to Post on Social Media by Frances CaballoIn last week’s post, I shared with you the steps you need to take to develop a social media strategy. You can find that post here: Social Media Strategy for Authors Plus 4 Tweets to Never Send. As promised, in Part II today I discuss what you should be posting on social media and scheduling calendars.

Before we discuss content calendars, let’s talk about the content you’ll post. It’s the meat and potatoes of everything you write online.

Posting on Social Media: You Need Great Content

Everyone wants to know what constitutes great content. This is what Search Engine Land has to say about it:

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Fab Friday Finds: How to Blog a Book

How to Blog a Book - Review by Frances Caballo

And to the late Professor John Keats, who said, “If you can write an article, you can write a nonfiction book. A nonfiction book is just a series of articles on the same topic strung together.” I strung a series of related blog posts together instead. I hope you’re proud, JK.

The opening quote to How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir.

The first edition of How to Log a Book: Write, publish and promote your work one post at a time by Nina Amir came out in 2012 and was an instant success. On Amazon, the book presently has 65 customer reviews, and 62% of them are five-star ratings.

Her updated and expanded version, released this month, has also climbed the charts.

Nina begins by reminding us in this book that the blogosphere is a crowded place. According to www.WPVirtuoso.com, in 2013 there were approximately 152 million blogs on the Internet with more added every minute.

But don’t let this fact dissuade you from starting a blog. As Joel Friedlander says in the foreword,

“no group of people is better situated than bloggers RIGHT NOW to take advantage of the historic movement to digital books and the exploding popularity of self-publishing.”


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Social Media Strategy for Authors Plus 4 Tweets to Never Send

Authors: Plan your social media strategy by Frances Caballo
Authors frequently ask me to create a social media marketing strategy for them. Today I’m going to share how you can create one for yourself.

Start with an Audit

If you already have a website and blog and have tried using social media, you’ll want to begin with an audit. I recently ran a special on social media audits, and many of the writers who hired me revamped their websites and social media marketing on their own.

Once you know what’s working and what can be improved, you can create a plan for moving forward.

Establish Your Goals

What do you hope to achieve through a social media platform? Is it simply to sell books? If that’s your goal, what I’m about to tell you will be disappointing.

Few people can sell boxes of books simply by using social media. (Gasp! Can you believe a social media expert is saying this? If I’m anything, I’m 100% honest.)

If your goal is to sell books, you need to use social media and:

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Want to Sell More Books? 23 Pinterest Tips Every Author Needs to Know

What to Sell More Books? 23 Pinterest Tips for Authors by Frances Caballo

You’re reading the text version of the Social Media for Authors Podcast, Episode 23, written and copyrighted by Frances Caballo. This episode focuses on Pinterest tips.


Let’s talk about Pinterest today, the social media network that seems to be an afterthought in many authors’ marketing strategies.

As I recently revealed in a blog post, Pinterest is my #3 source for website traffic (following Twitter, in first place, and Facebook). So for me, Pinterest is far from an afterthought.

In fact, I create images that you can’t see on my blog that I use exclusively for pinning to Pinterest. But more about that later.

Here are some quick & easy Pinterest tips:

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Unsure What to Do? 5 Questions Authors Need Answers To

Answers to Authors' Questions by Frances CaballoI’ve gathered a list of questions authors have asked me during the past five months, and I’m providing my answers so that everyone can see them. If you want to see an earlier post in which I published an author’s FAQ, you can see it here: Indie Authors’ FAQ on Publishing and Marketing.

Without future ado, let’s get started.

Kindle Unlimited is hurting my sales.

I heard this complaint at a meeting recently. An Indie author who published his first novel a year ago complained that providing free e-copies of his eBook through Kindle Unlimited caused a drop in book sales.

The author said he planned to withdraw his book from the program as soon as possible.

My response? Don’t do it.

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Fab Friday Finds: How to Build an Author Empire

How to Build an Author Empire by Frances Caballo

This is my fourth installment of Fab Friday Finds. This week I share Gordon Burgett’s tips on how he build his author empire.

I recently attended a Bay Area Independent Publishers Association meeting, and the featured speaker was Gordon Burgett.

Gordon has enjoyed tremendous success in the publishing world, and I was eager to hear him talk about how authors can expand their books to build an author empire. (If you think this post is only useful for nonfiction writers, keep reading to the end.)

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